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Chairman Message

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the portals of this great institute of learning, Crescent Institute of Technology and Management (CITM). Crescent Education has been at the forefront of global IT and Management education since 2006 through regular mode in technical collaboration with various universities . The institute fundamentally establishes a futuristic ecosystem for learning.

  • EEmployability and deployability through industry orientated programs and specializations. Significant portion of application based learning along with teaching of fundamentals.

  • A futuristic ecosystem where teaching pedagogy and academic progression is through digital technology, convergence based subject matter expertise, mobile, dynamic & networked work environments

  • Opportunities to develop entrepreneurial initiatives, leadership, self-learning and teamwork skills and inculcation of corporate social responsibility with global outlook

With a faculty that is committed to excellence, your learning will be further strengthened by the diversity of the faculty and student body. This will make the journey of education more exciting. I welcome you to the world of Crescent Education and wish you the very best for your journey ahead.

testimonial 1
Mr. Sreejith

Director Message

We have started our first glorious session 2016-17. Let us begin a journey to learn through experiences, observations hard work and commitments. It’s a beginning of a new era of education in India. This will provide quality education to the students using the latest and the best methods being used all over the world. We will provide opportunities to students to take part in National and International level competitions in every field. It is important to chart the road map with positive attitude, ambition and action.
Students are always encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in their personality so that they spot opportunities, mobilise resources and develop innovative solutions to the critical problems of today.
CITM and CCC provides a transformational experience to its students who are expected to maintain the highest standard of personal integrity, professional commitment and business ethics. Life at the campus of the institute is a fantastic social experience which develops a sense of belongingness to the community among students and makes cross-cultural interaction easier in their future lives. It is a community that continues to grow the bond even when the days of campus life are over.

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