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Books name Books Count
CITM has sufficient number books in IT and software Engineering 436
Number of books for student circulation (IT and Software Engineering) 724
Journals (National) 18
International Journals 7
Management reference books 123
Books for student circulation 935
Journals 11
Online journals 17

Online library

CCITM has signed a MoU with excel online books , it will enables the student in continuous learning. Following are links of free portal for the students to get sufficient books at free of cost.
  1. 1. Www.nationallibrary.gov.in
  2. 2. Www.worldlibrary.org
  3. 3. www.openlibrary.org
  4. 4. www.ebooksread.com
  5. 5. www.ssrn.com
  6. 6. Www.bookrix.com
  7. 7. www.lib.cam.ac.uk/ebooks/free.html - Cambridge university free books

Each student given digital id card, with user id and password to collect necessary books, journals and online resources needed for their academic and nonacademic activities. The department takes sufficient efforts to bring the habits of learning among students. City has separate terminal open to access online resources